How to invest in icon 3d printing. Investors in the funding round include 8VC, BIG-Bjarke Ingels Group, BOND, Citi . Lennar, one of the nation’s leading homebuilders, and ICON, a construction technologies company pioneering large-scale 3D printing, today announced a commitment to build the largest community of 3D-printed homes to date using ICON’s innovative robotics, software and advanced materials. ICON has completed 3D printing another series of homes. November 9, 2021 7:51pm. It is capable of 3D printing structures up to 3,000 sq ft. The financing is said to be an . ICON is a 3D-printing company and developer based in Austin and the company unveiled its first 3D printer and successfully secured a building permit and printed a home in Austin . Since then, they have been hard at work developing new technologies in robotics, software, and advanced materials that push the boundaries of home building capabilities. Anyone who wants to donate can fund a house for $4,000. Not to turn down a challenge, we designed and built the Vulcan I printer and helped them print the first permitted 3D printed home in the country in early 2018. 3D printed by ICON and designed by logan architecture , the homes are nestled in the fast-growing neighborhood of east austin. Stock Market 101; Types of Stocks; Stock Market Sectors Icon's latest 3D printer, the Vulcan ll, is available for purchase and is already being put to use. ICON (ICX) operates as an open-source programmable blockchain network and data aggregator. Each home will run from 600 to 800 square feet, and ICON is targeting a cost of approximately $4,000 per home. MUST WATCH. ICON built the first permitted 3D-printed home in 2018. Tuesday, Icon announced it has raised $207 million in funding as it looks to rapidly grow its team and . EAST 17TH STREET RESIDENCES. Stock Market 101; Types of Stocks; Stock Market Sectors Icon, a 3D printing specialist, has already completed 10 homes at the community outside Nacajuca in Tabasco, with its on-site Vulcan II printer, according to the New York Times. 3D printing stock market cap: $36. Wood's Ark Invest even set up an ETF for 3D printing, The 3D Printing ETF (BATS: PRNT), and her growing interest in the additive manufacturing sector bears some resemblance to her approach to . Stock Market 101; Types of Stocks; Stock Market Sectors ICON's plans to 3D print a house in one day could be a method to provide low-cost, affordable homes to the world's 1. A new property development in Austin, Texas, is set to become the world's largest community of 3D-printed homes . Building houses using 3D printing is becoming more and more popular because people read on the Internet that they can have a new house in record time for an average cost that can vary from $4,000 to $50,000 – or more in some cases – depending on the size of the house (Source, Source, Source). The stock has . You can find the Transformers Megatron 3D print file on Gambody. construction technology company ICON and developer 3strands present this first series of 3D printed homes as the east 17th street residences in austin. Consumers are also skeptical of this concept, and some may be reluctant to look at a 3D-printed home. A two . ICON has four printing systems, and is already building more. When trying to scale up 3D printing technology, new challenges arise. and Mexico, more than other businesses in the space. Stratasys Ltd. A 100 3D-printed homes will be made. 2 billion who lack adequate housing A start-up located in Austin, Texas will use 3D printing technology to mass-produce small houses in order to solve the problem of affordable housing around the world. How to buy ICON Plc stock on Stash. ICON at the time claimed that it cost just $10,000 to . The project is a . . additive construction firms, ICON has demonstrated some of the most success. The announcement deepens a relationship that began with Lennar's investment in ICON's recent $207 million financing round and offers a path toward delivering affordable, technology-driven homes. The goal of the project is to create a blockchain hub within the market that enables developers and users to facilitate interactions between independent blockchains. Is it the future of housing? ICON CEO Jason Ballard discusses the company's plans to 3D print a 100 home community in Austin, but is . The ink is still drying on a grant from the Air Force to explore printing facilities for it, and a deal with NASA looks imminent: The agency wants to enlist Icon to help it build on Mars. sells, and delivers, systems to build 3D-printed homes — be they here on Earth or in space. 3D printing of concrete is part of the solution by reducing waste, time to build and transport cost. 3D printing share price: $29. Stock Market 101; Types of Stocks; Stock Market Sectors The U. Stock Market 101; Types of Stocks; Stock Market Sectors Modern 3D Printed Homes Made for You. Using proprietary 3D printing robotics, software, and advanced materials, ICON is shifting the paradigm of home building on Earth and beyond. Icon’s Vulcan 3D printer weighs 3,800 lbs. Icon already printed beautiful homes you can live in right now. If successful at a . On the hardware front, ICON also says it is working on the second generation of its Vulcan 3D printer, which is expected to be ready in early 2019. Media headlines concerning 3D printer companies are usually reserved for breakthroughs in 3D Bioprinting, or a metal 3D printer that can reduce part cost by 90%. The investment brings ICON’s total funding since launching its revolutionary 3D printing technology in 2018 to $266 million. Houses can be built based on the material life cycle. 3D Printing Buildings for Earth and Beyond Today, Ensemble VC is thrilled to announce our investment in ICON , a construction technologies company using 3D printing to transform homebuilding. Smithies said he was drawn to ICON because 3D printing has zero waste and the homes are better insulated. ” Icon says its Vulture construction system deploys robotics and alternative materials in the high-volume production of houses. Autobot 3D Print: Sqweeks. Texas-based construction company ICON has gained a NASA contract to develop a 3D printed off-world construction system for the Moon. ICON has raised $9 million in seed funding to build custom 3D printed homes in less than 24 hours. Air Force awarded ICON a dual-use Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) contract to expand 3D printing of livable and workable structures. When Icon first approached us with their idea of a 3D printer that could build homes they were a company of three with an unprecedented goal. Icon has developed one of the world's first 3D printers for houses. Through proprietary 3D printing technology and cutting-edge materials, ICON provides sustainable solutions to a number of our world’s most pressing issues, including the pandemic of homelessness in the developing world, the difficulty of constructing off-planet space habitats, and the exorbitant . D. This newly announced joint venture to develop a new residential project deepens a relationship that began with Lennar’s investment in ICON’s recent $207 million financing round and offers a . Read More October 18, 2018. 1 This market . It seemed like only a matter of time before higher-end 3D-printed homes became a reality. With $600,000, ICON wats to put in an entire 3D printed home community in El Salvador. The simple design makes it easy to 3D print. Freedom of design, energy efficiency, strength in construction and having a finished wall in one step make 3d printing home a win for home owners and developers. Enter the amount you'd like to invest in ICON Plc stock, then proceed to checkout. Posted by: Ron. ICON is currently building a 50-home social housing community in Nacajuca, Mexico, in a partnership with San Francisco-based nonprofit New Story. Short sellers have hounded the firm, and nearly 9% of the float is sold short. Icon, which recently welcomed investment . The moon. Nathan Reiff has been writing expert articles and news about financial topics such as investing and trading, cryptocurrency, ETFs . Following its completion of four homes in Austin, Texas . They say, “ accelerate the development of its printers, create a variety of home types and designs and enhance its core technology stack to further its mission ”. This Texas startup is 3D printing a neighborhood. The Company builds homes using 3D-printing technology, robotics, and advanced materials. ( XONE) ExOne is one of the most controversial 3D printing stocks. The Hidden Costs of Building Your Own 3D Printed House. First 3D-Printed Homes Sold in U. a new way to build. If you are interested in developing materials for 3D Printing contact our R&D team. It has 3D printed over 24 homes and structures in the U. Stock Market 101; Types of Stocks; Stock Market Sectors Aug 24, 2021. Scheduled to break ground in 2022, the . Under “ Pause on this site ” click “ Always ”. ICON is an advanced construction technologies company dedicated to revolutionizing homebuilding. RELATED: 3D-printed houses from Austin tech . ICON's 3D-printed home is both a proof of concept, as well as an expression of 3D printing's capabilities to execute curved, unique designs. Utilizing the same technology that's used to build figurines and tiny tools on home 3D printers, Icon has managed to create a 3D printer for houses -- in which people will live. 24 . Part of the contract, which NASA contributed funding to, will explore commonalities between Earth-based and off-Earth applications. S. 3Dnatives is the largest international online media platform on 3D printing and its applications. Make your own tool station at the corner of the table with all the right gadgets arranged in one place. “Since our unveiling in 2018, ICON’s primary work has been maturing the technology from prototype to reliable, ready-for-the-world products and services,” said Jason Ballard, Co-founder and CEO of ICON. These discoveries and innovations come with lines of enthusiastic investors looking to inject capital to scale the 3D printer manufacturer to become the next Desktop Metal or Carbon 3D. The possibilities are endless and we actively seek business partners that share our forward thinking attitude. ICON announced a deal with Lennar to produce 100 3D printed homes. That's right. The production version of the printer will have the ability to print a single story, 600-800 square foot home in under 24 hours for less than $4,000. ICON / Lennar / BIG. Modern 3D Printed Homes Made for You. The $9M investment will also enable the Texas company to expand its team with more robotics, advanced materials and software engineering positions. That can be used in evaluating the environmental sustainability of building materials. With the use of a huge 3D printer, ICON has invented a new method of . 3D-printed houses are not a dream anymore. On top of that, the raw materials needed for 3D houses printers can be gathered onsite. We are on the verge of RIDICULOUS Growth. ICON 3D Website. The same company responsible for creating 3D homes for the . HP are well known as a leader in desktop computers, but are lesser known for some of the innovation HP have brought to the additive manufacturing sector in the last two years. Plans to build what it claims is the largest community of 3D-printed homes in Austin, Texas date back to a $207 million investment made by the leading US construction company Lennar in Texas-based 3D printing company ICONs to create affordable, technology-driven homes to meet growing housing . View Project. The company has built multiple homes with a 3D printer. With Apis Cor technology, any design is possible. Megatron 3D print by Damian Lawrence and Aiman Feda. Ballard, who now employs 40 people, said he expects the company to grow to a staff of over 100 this year. Lennar, through its LenX innovation group, will break ground in early 2022 on a trial-run of 100 newly built homes using Icon 3-D printing technology to produce building enclosures for the houses. At last, the LMD 3D Printing Market report includes investment come analysis and development trend analysis. With 3D printers, there is potential to create more than just single-family homes. Data source: YCharts. ICON Plc ’s share price is determined by its . Developer 3Strands and construction technology company ICON have built four 3D-printed houses in Austin, Texas, from concrete that's designed to cope with extreme weather. 3D-printed housing development in Austin created by Icon and Lennar. Bjarke Ingels Group (BIG) has partnered up with ICON as a new investor to expand knowledge and design capabilities for 3D-printed robotic homes in the near future. Texas-based ICON has been one of the leaders in the construction 3D printing market, with several notable projects underway and completed. 3d Icons Printing Icons Print Icons ; More icons from Innovation technology. VJET stock is a small-cap name in the 3D printing industry. With the new Series B raise, the company has garnered a combined $266. Austin-based . Icon projects are licensed by local jurisdictions, but obtaining local government approval can be a challenge in new markets due to the lack of knowledge of the technology. ICON. Trading volatility has been elevated . 3Dnatives works with key Additive Manufacturing market players and offers a variety of services such as a 3D printing price . PNG SVG ICO ICNS . Construction tech company ICON and its . The home features 2 bedrooms, 1 bath, a kitchen and a large covered porch area. One company seems to thinks so and is setting out to prove it: Construction technologies company Icon, a leader in large-scale 3D printing, recently announced a partnership with the home-building . The present and future opportunities of the fastest growing international industry . Stock Market 101; Types of Stocks; Stock Market Sectors ICON is about to 3d print 100 homes in Austin, TX just announced this week! With Lennar as the contractor and BIG as the architect they will complete the big. ” An Austin startup says yes. Written by Oscar Holland, CNN. It almost doubles the construction capacity. 09. Stock Market 101; Types of Stocks; Stock Market Sectors Hailed by 3D printing firm Icon as the USA's first 3D-printed homes, they are now available for purchase for a starting price of around US$450,000 each. Source: ICON, Austin, Texas Construction technologies company ICON has completed a $207 million series B round of financing led by venture and growth equity investment firm Norwest Venture Partners. Stock Market 101; Types of Stocks; Stock Market Sectors a new way to build. Icon Design Build, LLC operates as a homebuilder. 3D Printed Homes are Incredibly Energy Efficient. DDD, PRLB, and FARO lead the 5 biggest 3D printing companies list. The newly completed TECLA from WASP is part of two of our 3D printing trends from 2021: both construction and sustainability (photo credits: WASP) Beyond these projects, this was the year that we truly saw 3D printed houses becoming commercial. Tuesday, Icon announced it has raised $207 million in funding as it looks to rapidly grow its team and capabilities. Stock Market 101; Types of Stocks; Stock Market Sectors by Steve Hanley. At the same time, the technology offers architects freedom in the shape and form of their designs. The tool holder can accommodate pliers, screwdrivers, nails, and a lot of other items. W e've just caught a glimpse into the future of real estate, thanks to ICON, a 3D-printing robotics start-up in the construction-tech space. the two houses which remain available for sale . October 18, 2018. 5 3D Printing Stocks to Consider in 2022. For those of us who still equate the . Launched in 2017, ICON is one of the first construction companies in the U. Named East 17th Street . Texas-based developer of construction 3D printers ICON and the largest US construction company Lennar will build a village of 100 3D-printed houses with a variety of layouts. The company’s new Vulcan construction system, according to Ballard, can 3D print homes and structures up to 3,000 square feet, is 1. Desktop Metal. 8% over the past 12 months. BIG-Bjarke Ingels Group will co-design the homes, while ICON will 3D print the buildings’ first floors using its Vulcan 3D printer and proprietary Lavacrete material, which combines typical . Among U. Stock Market 101; Types of Stocks; Stock Market Sectors Construction companies ICON and Lennar are collaborating with architecture studio BIG to create a neighbourhood of 100 3D-printed houses in Austin, Texas. Looking beyond terrestrial opportunities, ICON is also exploring the use of 3D printing to build sustainable and viable housing on the moon through the company's Olympus project, according to its . ICON, an Austin startup created in 2017, is no stranger to pushing the limits of construction. Icon Design Build serves customers in the State of Texas. A 3D printed home can reduce labor costs by up to 80% by getting most of the work done by the 3D printer. In this video, the Vulcan II large-scale 3D printer is seen extruding ICON's proprietary mixture dubb. Stock Market Basics. that are serving the chronically homeless truly represents the pinnacle of what we’re trying to do here at ICON in terms of offering . The startup is now gearing up for its next chapter of growth. Ballard says the endeavor presents a litany of logistical obstacles, including a lack of gravity and weeks-long blackouts without sunlight . Thanks to tech that reduces 3D home-printing costs to as low as $4k, Icon is one of several companies trying to revolutionize homeownership — much like Sears (pour one out) did a century ago. With its in-depth analysis of the market, 3Dnatives gets over 1 million unique visitors per month and is currently available in English, French, Spanish, German, Italian. Their goal is to begin printing in 2018, with families potentially moving into the homes by the next year. To prepare for long-duration missions to Mars, ICON uses additive construction to 3D print a Martian analog habitat designed by BIG at NASA's Johnson Space Center. At Ensemble, we believe the fundamental ingredient to company success is people—the founders and teams translating ideas into products that result in . 1. Lennar will complete the houses using traditional construction methods. Stash allows you to purchase smaller, more affordable pieces of investments (called fractional shares) rather than the whole share, which can be significantly more expensive. Learn more. Icon, a startup that 3D-prints homes in 24 hours, raised $9m in seed funding to expand its affordable housing projects across the globe. ICON's plans to 3D print a house in one day could be a method to provide low-cost, affordable homes to the world's 1. The company uses 3D printing to build single-story, mid-size homes in a lesser time and cost than traditional buildings, enabling construction engineers and home builders to build homes and buildings in a faster and more cost . That 350-square-foot house took about 48 hours (at 25% speed) to print. Positive . ( SSYS ), the best performing 3D printing stock, has dramatically underperformed the Russell 1000, which has provided a total return of 13. Investors are clearly excited by that mission, as Icon on Aug. the development comprises four unique and . From making their 3D printed home designs to collaborating with Bjarke Ingels Group (BIG), ICON has enhanced its 3D Printing technology to a newfound level. ICON is dedicated to fighting the lack of housing by reinventing the homebuilding industry, an industry stuck in antiquity since the Middle Ages. Utilizing the same technology that's used to build figurines and tiny tools on home 3D printers, Icon has managed . Scheduled to break ground in 2022, the scheme will be the world's largest community of 3D-printed homes when it completes, according to Texan firm ICON. Lennar's Austin-area venture with Icon features . OFF-WORLD CONSTRUCTION. Tool Holder. Its four-home project in Austin with 3Strands was its first attempt to build two-story houses, using 3-D printing for the first-floor walls while the second floors were conventionally built. Area of 3D printing: Multi Jet Fusion and Metal Jet 3D printers. “Construction-scale 3D printing not only delivers higher-quality homes faster and more affordably, but fleets of printers can change the way that entire communities are built for the better. The arches were then titled to form a vehicle hide structure. Printing the first community of 3D-printed homes in the U. 5 million in funding over the course of six rounds. When ICON debuted the first permitted 3D-printed home in America at SXSW in 2018, they caused quite the stir. This will allow it to build homes like the one featured in this blog: The East 17th Street Residences development includes four homes of varying sizes and layouts. Breaking ground in 2022, the 100-home community will be codesigned by the acclaimed architecture firm . Hailed by 3D printing firm Icon as the USA's first 3D-printed homes, they are now available for purchase for a starting price of around US$450,000 each. In a press release, the company announced it was . It does have the SD card slots to keep your memory cards organized. A crew of eight marines worked in shifts for three and a half days to 3D print four arches with Icon’s proprietary, 6,000 psi Lavacrete cement-based material. Now, a new development in East Austin is selling four houses built using ICON’s technology, starting at . As of 2013, the 3D printing industry was just over $3 billion and it’s expected to boom to over $21 billion by 2020. This company is a recent entry into the 3D printing space after going public via a SPAC at the end of 2020. Icon Technology Inc. Project Olympus will see ICON partner with architecture firms . In partnership with New Story, a San Francisco-based, Y-Combinator backed nonprofit, Icon wants . The week it takes Icon to print a wall system is about the same amount of time it takes to frame and drywall a home using . R. The investment brings ICON’s total funding since launching in 2018 to $59 million. This strategy enables entities from a diverse range of industries to better serve the market. Construction companies may save up a lot of money on worker wages. Stock Market 101; Types of Stocks; Stock Market Sectors Icon said they are welcoming for more collaboration with contractors to use them in their next project. Refresh the page or click the button below to continue. ICON, which creates homes using 3D printing, has raised an additional $185 million in a round led by Tiger Global Management, TechCrunch has learned exclusively. As a part of this effort, ICON has developed cutting-edge materials tested to the most recognized standards of safety, comfort and resiliency and is designed to function with nearly zero waste . The investment brings ICON’s total funding since launching its revolutionary technology to $266 million. The House Zero project was announced in 2021 and it was a collaboration between ICON and Lake Flato Architects. The first ICON home was permitted and built in Austin, Texas two years ago. We see illustration of both of these assertions in today's big news announcement, by ICON and Lennar. Now . Currently, the stock trades at a market capitalization of $96 million. Stock Market 101; Types of Stocks; Stock Market Sectors We see illustration of both of these assertions in today's big news announcement, by ICON and Lennar. Download the Dizraptor app to invest in technolog. It's fair to say that Icon is dominating the 3D-printed construction space at the moment – both here on Earth and even potentially on Mars. ICON's 3D printed technology will be used to make an interplanetary habitat. Global 3D Printing Scanner Market Large-scale Researchers 2022-2028 has covered a competitive market area and a thorough evaluation of industry pioneers. Thanks for stopping by. ICON is a company founded by people who believe the traditional way of building homes is obsolete. October 23, 2018, 1:07 pm By Jeremiah Jensen. 3D printed by ICON in collaboration with housing non-profit New Story in 2018, it is a 350 sq ft home that was printed in about 47 hours of print time across several days with the first-generation Vulcan printer. ICON purposely chose concrete as a material because, as co-founder and CEO Jason Ballard put it, “It’s one of the most resilient materials on Earth. After the announcement of their huge Vulcan II construction 3D printer in 2019, the company has received significant investments of US$35M . Within the same month, ICON unveiled a 3D printed Martian habitat and the largest 3D printed structure in North America, a barracks for the Texas Military Department. Developer of construction technologies intended to build 3D-printed homes for communities in developing countries. ICON will also invest in the effort. It is . They are successful in this endeavor. Image Courtesy of ICON. The investment is part of Fifth Wall’s new $500 million climate fund. One of the world’s largest neighborhoods of 3D-printed homes is set to break ground in Texas next year. An Austin startup says yes. Makevale has a deep interest and expertise in developing 3D printing materials. Aug 24, 2021. The company has created a unique 3D printer (see video below) that can create an entire home in about 24 hours using its patented Lavacrete material. Stock Market 101; Types of Stocks; Stock Market Sectors The key difference here is that ICON’s latest habitable 3D-printed creations, designed by Austin-based Logan Architecture, are the first to hit the “mainstream” real estate market with . 4. In February, SQ4D put the first 3D printed house on the market for $299,999 in Long Island. Stock Market 101; Types of Stocks; Stock Market Sectors Prototyping, product development, and innovation are the three biggest reasons why companies are investing in 3D printing today. . Published 4th November 2021. The company was founded in 2017 and is headquartered in Austin, Texas. The project will help to demonstrate the possibilities of additive technologies in terms of atypical construction: the partners intend to build houses of different sizes, ICON’s latest project, the 100-home community, will commence in 2022 with the goal of building the largest community of 3D printed homes to date. Investing in . ICON was founded in late 2017 and launched during SXSW in March 2018 with the first permitted 3D-printed home in the U. 36b. Now, the additive. Construction companies ICON and Lennar are collaborating with architecture studio BIG to create a neighbourhood of 100 3D-printed houses in Austin, Texas. (ICON) Austin-based ICON, developer behind the city's first 3D-printed homes, is taking its construction technologies to space once more with a 3D-printed habitat known as the Mars Dune Alpha. 5x larger and 2x faster than its previous Vulcan 3D printers. Source: Icon "Lennar has always expanded the boundaries of technological innovation to keep quality homes affordable and 3D printing is an immensely encouraging approach," Eric Feder, president of Lenx, which also invested in Icon during its Series B, said in the press release. There will be several assembly pieces to print and paint, including the Megatron head, chest, arms, weapons, legs and an optional platform. (279 sq m) in size. ICON has used 3D printing -- so far -- to create homes . ICON announced a $35 million series A round of financing led by Moderne Ventures in August, 2020. Laura Figi. Their work has garnered significant, global media attention and . East 17th Street | ICON 3D. Click the AdBlock icon in the browser extension area in the upper right-hand corner. Credit: ICON/Lennar. BIG - Bjarke Ingels Group has joined a series of investors and partnered up with ICON, in order to push forward the use of 3D printing robotics to deliver dignified . Stock Market 101; Types of Stocks; Stock Market Sectors Answer (1 of 5): It really depends, if you are a long term investor then it might be a good idea to invest that being said you need to be careful in selecting the companies. A company called ICON procured a concrete 3D printer and worked with an award-winning designer to print some of the world’s first 3D printed houses that are available today to purchase. If you go to the following link – East 17th Street Residences – and wait 20 minutes for all the graphics to load, you’ll see these beautiful houses . ICON’s 3D-printing robot eliminates labor issues and cuts down on home construction waste. Icon’s 3D-printed homes have helped tackle the housing crisis in Central Texas and rural Mexico. In recent years, 3D printing has found a growing number of applications in urban planning and construction, with some proponents hailing it as a solution for the housing crisis. The company has even bigger goals for its future. PNG SVG ICO . Ramp-Up and Production Support. FORT Structures has engineered multiple structures for ICON including the first 3D Concrete-Printed Home in the US. Stock Market 101; Types of Stocks; Stock Market Sectors The funding will enable Icon to continue to improve its 3D printer technology with the goal of breaking ground on its first housing project in the next six months, said Jason Ballard, co-founder . ICON's 3D printing technology produces resilient, energy-efficient homes faster than conventional construction methods with less waste and more design freedom – keeping construction projects on . 26, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Lennar, one of the nation's leading homebuilders, and ICON, a construction technologies company pioneering large-scale 3D printing, today . to rely on 3D printing to build homes. Community First Village | Andrew Logan. We are pleased to announce that Apis Cor is now accepting reservations for 3D printed homes in our home state of Florida and throughout mainland USA! Choose from one of Apis Cor’s spec designs or custom design your own home. ICON Technology General Information Description. The U. Market cap as of April 19, 2022. Now it’s working with NASA to put man on Mars. A digital rendering of the largest 3D printing neighborhood, set to be completed next year. In 2019, the company plans to print a community of homes in an underserved population. 06 August 2021. The ExOne Co. The houses have ground floors built using 3D printing. and has a printing capability of approximately 2,000 square feet. The Austin-based Cielo Property Group is using the printer to construct homes for formerly . Horton invested in a construction tech company that claims to be able to 3D-print homes in under 24 hours. With the latest funding round, ICON will look to build more 3D-printed homes, as well as scale production, commit to research and development and invest more in potential space-related tech . The stock is already higher by 198% in the last year. ICON focuses on three primary goals: affordability, sustainability, and availability. MIAMI and AUSTIN, Texas, Oct. The team developed a mobile gantry-style 3D printer, known as the Vulcan, that can build homes on-site once the construction plans are finalized. Referred to as Project Olympus, the mission tasks ICON with creating massive 3D-printed structures like launch and landing pads, roads, and buildings that could someday house the first outer space colony. In 2018, they were the first American company to build a 3D printed home. Printing Mars Dune Alpha to simulate Martian life. ICON develops advanced construction technologies that advance humanity.

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